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Membership & Partners

As a WIF member you belong to a global community of researchers, Businessman’s, Investor, capital owner’s asset manager, mentors, and other professionals who share your passion for Investment.
Mixing personal benefits and advocacy for the field, a WIF membership helps you get ahead while giving back. Moreover by commitment to the internationally-recognized Principles for Responsible Investment allows your organization to publicly demonstrate its commitment to including environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors in investment decision making and ownership.
WIF Membership offers a wide array of personal and professional benefits, including:
-        Access to international events
-        Resources for reporting and assessing your organization’s ESG activities.
-        Access to reports and assessments
-        Support from a regional relationship manager with local market knowledge.
-        Use of the Collaboration Platform to network with other members.
-        Guidance on how to incorporate various factors into investment decision-making and ownership.
Organizations can become a signatory if they fall under one of these three categories:
Asset owners representing the holders of long-term retirement savings, insurance and other assets. Examples include pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, foundations, endowments, insurance and reinsurance companies and other financial institutions that manage deposits. This is our principal category of membership.
Investment managers managing or controlling investment funds as a third-party, serving an institutional and/or retail market. Investment managers who are still raising funds, rather than actively managing assets, can sign pre-emptively as provisional membership.


Service providers (professional service partners) offering products or services to asset owners and/or investment manager who demonstrate a commitment to providing, developing and promoting services that support a clients’ implementation of the principles.

Membership Fees
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global initiative for responsible investment